No Hunger Ball


Each year nonprofits around the country spend millions of dollars on fundraising galas and events. We are not other nonprofits, we are Feeding Children Everywhere.

What if these nonprofits decided enough is enough. Why must we spend money to help raise money for the causes we love? Feeding Children Everywhere is doing something different. Instead of hosting a fancy event, we are going to put our money where it belongs, advancing our mission to put more healthy meals into the hands of hungry children.

This year, join us by NOT ATTENDING our NO HUNGER BALL 2013. By not attending this event, you are joining the movement to truly put your funds towards feeding hungry children around the world.

Choose your ticket package below and remember each dollar you donate equals four healthy meals for children right here at home and around the world!



Together, we are Feeding Children Everywhere.

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Buy A Ticket

Click the + to donate to the No Hunger Ball.

Choose a ticket package for you and your family or business.


  • Single Ticket +$15
    60 meals

    Your ticket will help provide 60 healthy meals for hungry
    children around the world.

  • Double Ticket +$30
    120 meals

    Find a date to help you make a difference! These two
    tickets will help provide 120 healthy lentil casseroles for
    hungry children.

  • Half Table +$75
    300 meals

    Instead of having to host a table this year, buy enough
    tickets to provide 300 healthy meals for hungry children!

  • Full Table +$150
    600 meals

    You won’t even need to send any invites to fill this table!
    Sponsor of table of people that won’t need to attend this event
    to help bring 600 healthy meals to those who need it most.

  • Create Your Own +$???
    $1 x 4 healthy meals

    Tickets start at $15 but that doesn’t mean you can’t feed
    more hungry children. Pick this option, choose your own
    ticket option and feed as many children as you can.

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People NOT ATTENDING: 980/1800

Here are some people who donated and are NOT ATTENDING the NO HUNGER BALL 2013!


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